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Forex trading without indicators – is it possible, and how?

Forex trading without indicators – is it possible, and how?

Have you ever considered whether Forex trading is possible without indicators? If so, how is it possible for motivated and enthusiastic traders nowadays? Ultimately, is this trading better than indicator trading?

First, in the last few years, especially on the Internet, Forex trading has become a very popular online occupation and even the main source of income for some. Many aspiring Forex traders have discovered new strategies, tools, and ways to improve their success in the dynamic market.

Undoubtedly, Forex trading without indicators represents one of those ways that a portion of professionals in this industry choose to pursue. So, what does it mean, and how beneficial is it to use forex trading without indicators? Let’s find out more about this interesting topic, shall we?

What is Forex trading without indicators exactly? 

Regardless of your trading experience, first of all, you must understand that it is possible to do Forex trading without indicators. It refers to a specific way of exchanging currencies in the Forex market without relying on technical indicators. In other words, trading without indicators means traders rely exclusively on the currency pair’s price movement.

Forex trading without indicators is also known as “Naked Forex trading.” As naked, traders do not make decisions based on future price movement. Instead, Forex traders make decisions in correlation with the present conditions in the Foreign exchange market.


No demand for indicators 

We can define trading Forex without indicators as a particular technique where traders in the market utilize price action to decide the right time to either exit or enter positions. In this type of trading, there’s no demand for various indicators, like stochastic oscillators or moving averages.

The price is sufficient to decide the market strength and the right time for buying or selling in the Foreign exchange market. 

Understanding the Forex market is essential.

This type of trading requires a deep understanding and knowledge of the Foreign exchange market that operates 5.5 days a week, non-stop. Any trader who wishes to try out some Forex trading strategies without indicators must first learn more about price charts, market patterns, and trends.

It’s vital to understand how powerful it is for a trader to know the movement of the Forex market and how it functions. As it works in cycles, traders must understand that there are typical patterns:

Ranging highs and lows
Trending upwards
Trending downwards

Once a Forex trader is eligible to understand how the market cycle functions, he will be 100% ready to do Forex trading without indicators and know when is the perfect time to do so. What happens to be the crucial factor for recognizing it is trading with the trends in the first place. 

Why do traders choose to trade without indicators?

The first question that many would ask before embarking on this Forex trading without indicators is, why do it at all? Why do so many Forex enthusiasts decide on such a thing in the first place? First, they do it because they’re eager to trade quickly. Without indicators, the process will take extremely faster since trading with indicators only takes a couple of hours to set up. 

While it’s difficult to determine the best setup, indicators are also very hard to use and must be clarified. Price action trading is a much simpler solution for newbies in the Forex industry. If they learn how to do trading in the Foreign exchange market, they could start doing it almost immediately. 

Once you are doing price action trading, there’s no need for any indicators or utilizing trend lines and a moving average. Instead of that, price action trading is quick and simple to comprehend.

It is very like swing trading.

One of the most interesting things about Forex trading without indicators is that it’s like swing trading. It’s extremely effective, quick, and does not require any indicators. What is also crucial to remember is that it’s all about reacting properly and reading the price action as a true professional.

Focused on one technique 

There are other reasons for trading Forex without indicators, such as:

Utilizing minimalistic approach
Focusing solely on one Forex trading technique rather than trusting numerous indicators with diverse setups. 

In addition, it’s important to note that some traders believe that trading without indicators is risky and unpredictable. However, it is only true for those who need help understanding how the Foreign exchange market functions. 

Those who are true professionals in the Forex industry will know how trading without indicators is beneficial for them.

What are the main benefits of Forex trading without indicators?

As some traders know, there are numerous benefits of trading without indicators in the Foreign exchange market. For those who still don’t know, here are just some of these benefits that they should keep in mind:

Assisting Forex trading to practice and improve their reading skills
We are enabling a more effective comprehension of the market before using any other advanced analysis and trading techniques.
It helps find out the importance of reviewing price action in the first place.
The trading process is much easier and simpler since it’s not complicated to process data from the actual time. 
Elimination of distractions that are usual with trading with indicators.
I am focusing on live price action solely.
All trading decisions are taken much quicker, meaning huge data amounts don’t disable them.

The downside of Forex trading without indicators

On the other hand, there are downsides to trading without indicators. In this case, we must have a huge trading experience to trade like that properly and successfully. Traders must possess a certain level of Forex industry knowledge and understanding, especially to recognize actual time cycles and market movements. 

For those trading with indicators, it’s crucial to have the patience to fully understand and learn how to trade without them in the best way. The key in these situations is learning to identify price signals and rely on various chart patterns. 

Simple step-by-step guide on how to trade Forex without indicators

If you are in the mood to learn how to do Forex trading without indicators in the most efficient way, here are all the simple steps you need to take:

Please read and understand the market structure as a professional: It includes identifying and ranging the trending structure.
Learn how to identify the probable turning points: It’s recommended that traders use simple support and resistance analysis.
Be patient and wait for a trade signal.

In summary, this simple guide, it’s vital to understand deeply and use:

Market structure
Identification of turning points
Waiting for a trading signal.

Different ways of trading without indicators

There are different ways of trading without indicators. It’s done by the following:

Candlestick Patterns
Chart Patterns
Supply and Demand Zones
Support and Resistance Levels

All traders eager to successfully trade without indicators in the Forex market should write down all these steps and try to complete them. Experts recommend writing a checklist for keeping track of their Forex trading without indicators. 

Do professional Forex traders use trading without indicators?

Another frequent question in this industry is, do professional Forex traders use Forex trading without indicators? As mentioned above, those who do understand deeply how the Foreign exchange market functions, of course, do use Forex trading without indicators. 

However, some traders use only price action to explore and find valuable trading opportunities in the volatile and dynamic Forex market. It is also crucial to note that what might benefit one type of trader in the Forex industry may mean something other than that it will also be good for the other types.

Experts in this field have one thing in common: knowledge of risk management. Besides that, they need to trust all of their trading systems. 

Should you do Forex trading without indicators?

Ultimately, regardless of their expertise in the industry, every Forex trader should understand whether they should trade without indicators. First, traders who know nothing about Forex trading without indicators should learn the basics of it. 

Second, having great self-control while trading without these indicators is vital since emotions may greatly impact overall performance and success. Third, there’s a popular saying that “Forex indicators represent you, friends.” However, in reality, it’s not so much of the case. 

Indicators usually show traders what is happening now but do not give any other instructions or information on the best to do next. The only benefit of these indicators is their usability for making a good decision while trading, but they need to help traders who have chosen a bad strategy. 

What are the best Forex trading strategies without indicators? 

As you undoubtedly want to avoid choosing bad Forex trading strategies, we will help you choose the right one without indicators. Here is what you need to know regarding these strategies:

The first strategy is to stick to risk management very strictly.
The second strategy is to focus on a smaller number of currency pairs, as this reduces losses due to insufficient analysis.

However, remember that only one universal forex trading strategy with indicators and generality could benefit every trader worldwide. What works for one marketer may not work for another. 

That’s why finding a strategy that fits your personality and trading style is important. Good luck with doing Forex trading without indicators as a true professional!



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